Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to Blogging!

Well I finally broke down and decided that our family needed a blog.  So here we are! Most of you know we welcomed our first son, Caleb, July 30, 2010.  He is now almost 14 months old. 

10 things Caleb can do.....

1. Walk
2. He can say several words: mama, dada, cracker, Papa, Rider, Lilly, Caca (Aunt Casey), Kiki (my mother), Gandma (sounds like mama but we count it), Buddy, Elmo, Ernie, uh-oh, agua, apple, nana (banana), Austin, ashes ashes (from Ring Around the Rosie), shoes, socks
3. He makes several animal sounds: cow, duck, horse, goat, dog
4. Opens/Shuts doors
5. Climbs onto the couch
6. Sleeps through the night (this took awhile so we are very happy about this)
7. Uses a spoon
8. Drinks out of a real cup (not without a mess most of the time)
9.  Understands simple commands (Daddy is waiting for him to go get a beer out of the fridge - for Daddy not Caleb)
10.  Identifies nose, eyes, ears, head, and pooh pack (belly button)

The newest happening in the Klein household is that we put our house on the market.  Alex and I REALLY want to move back to Austin in a year.  Having your house on the market is not an easy task, especially now days. We have faith that all will work out in our favor.  If you know anyone interested in buying a home in Carrollton check us out!

Stayed tuned for more Klein Family Fun!!