Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's a ..........

One weekend the weather was perfect, and we decided to take off to a local pumpkin patch.  Of course all the pictures were on my camera which I can't seem to find the cord to (thanks to moving 2 times in the past 6 months).  Hopefully I will get them off soon because we got some great ones.  Here are just a couple I managed off my phone.

Our Sweet Family

Kiki with her girls and her grandsons

Halloween this year was a blast.  We were able to go to my Dad's neighborhood, which was the perfect trick or treat neighborhood.  My sister in law, her kids, and a friend of mine from work were all there.  After about 10 houses Caleb was done, but he had a blast with his cousins and new friend, Brynn. 

Two handsome pirates

Caleb's attempt at a mean pirate face:)
My sweet nephew, Holden is growing so fast.  He is smiling, laughing, grabbing onto things, and really noticing people and his world around him.  Caleb is so good with him.  Watching Caleb with Holden makes me smile because I know he is going to be one hell of a big brother to our new baby.
Look at that smile
And now for some BIG news.  We went for a sonogram Monday and found out that we are having a baby.......

We are beyond excited.  She is healthy and looks great.  We will have the best of both worlds. As much as I think Caleb understands what is going on, he is excited as well.  He talks to his baby sister every night and says "baby sister it's me, I love you."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Settled and some news.....

We are definitely getting settled here in Dripping Springs.  Although Alex is still working on getting his practice up and running, my job is great.  I love everyone I work with, the kids are wonderful (I only have 18), and the parental involvement in amazing.

Our Family

Caleb amazes me everyday. He LOVES his new school as do I.  I think he is the smartest 2 year old I have ever met:)  Of course I would, I am him mama.  Seriously he really is smart and talking up a storm.  I never thought the day would come where I could hold a conversation with my child. 
Getting ready for school

Caleb finding all his letters!!  See how smart he is:)

Those of you that live near family know how lucky we are.  Caleb gets to spend the night with his aunts and grandparents, we get to go to my nephew's baseball games, and attend family dinners.  All of this without the hassle of loading up and driving back to Dallas.  It is such a blessing.
 Making cupcakes with Natalie

Sweet baby Holden.....12 weeks!!!

I know I am not the only one when I say this, but I am loving this weather we are starting to have.  I am looking forward to afternoons with the cousins at the park, outdoor fun, and all the holidays that are quickly approaching. 


I am so thrilled to finally announce that we are expecting our second baby April 1st, 2013!!!!  We told Caleb, and as much as he understands, he is excited to be a big brother.  He touches my belly everyday and makes some kind of sweet comment.  I just love that little man with all my heart.  Now we get to spread our love even further. 

"I'm going to be a big brother"

Proud big brother

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Since I haven't blogged in so long, I figure the best way to get it all in is make a list....

1. My sweet nephew Holden Gabriel Baker was born on July 13th.  I couldn't be more proud of my baby sister.  She did an awesome job bringing him into this world.  I love him soooo much and can't wait to spoil the heck out of him.

Hospital policy sucks...I had to wait over 2 hours to meet him

He is 5 weeks old now!!!  Such a handsome boy.


2. Caleb turned 2!!!!  Can you believe it.  I sure can't.  I am amazed by this little man every day.  He is so darn smart.  The most amazing thing is that he is speaking in full sentences.  I can actually communicate with him.  It is remarkable.  Being able to communicate isn't always a great thing though....he loves the word no.

A couple of Caleb's friends met us a McDonalds for some dinner, cupcakes, and fun

Caleb's Papa and Oma got him this .....he needs to grow into a bit

Caleb loves his new bike without pedals from Kiki and Aunt Connie

Grandma made Caleb an Elmo and Cookie Monster cake

3. Alex's last day as a chiropractor at Healthsourse of Burrleson was Friday, August 4th.  He is now pursuing his dream of owning his own clinic here in Austin.  Shouldn't be long now before he is up and running. 

This is us at Alex's going away celebration

4. WE MOVED!!!!  We are now officially living in Dripping Springs.  I still can't quite believe that we are home.  I can't even put it into words how it feels to be close to our family.  All of our immediate family lives within 20 minutes.  We are very blessed. 

5.  I stared my new job last week. I am a first grade teacher at Dripping Springs Elementary.  It is actually the elementary school that I went to, how cool is that.  I love love love my new district, team, and school.  I am looking forward to a great year.  Although, I am missing all my old teacher friends back at Carrollton Elementary. 

We have been up to so much other stuff this summer, but seeing as it is almost 11pm, and I am back to work, I will have to catch up on all that at another time.

Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Randomness

What is better on a hot summer day than ice cream!!  I recently let Caleb have his own ice cream cone.  He LOVED it and now knows that it exists.  We will have to start making this a Friday treat!

Love how he is eating ice cream and asking for chocolate milk at the same time!

Caleb has shown some signs of being ready to potty.  I am going to take this slow and work with him this summer.  I am not going to stress out about this because we are moving, but if he asks to go, I'll take him.  He loves to do the "potty dance" after he has used the potty.

"TeeTee in the potty, TeeTee in the potty Yea"

This past weekend we went to a Fort Worth Cats game.  The Fort Worth Cats are an independent baseball team that my cousin, MB, plays on.  We had a blast.  I would say that Caleb's first real baseball game was a success.  We are very eager to go back!!

A very sweet couple sitting in front of us got this ball for Caleb.

I couldn't resist posting this picture....Caleb, Uncle BriBri, and Daddy at my cousin's wedding... Priceless!!  I am so excited that my nephew Holden Gabriel Baker will make his debut next month.  This is proof that Brian will make one hell of a dad.  Caleb absolutely loves him!

I love how both of them are looking down at Caleb.

Hopefully I can be better about keeping up with our blog this summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Post....finally

I am out by the pool at our new apartment using the computer because we don't have Internet at our place.  Yes, you read that apartment.  We sold our house!!!  We closed and moved out May 18th and have rented an apartment near our old house for 3 months.  It has been an adjustment to say the least, but I keep looking at the bright side....I am moving home very soon. 

So what is Caleb up to.....
-speaking full sentences
-counts to at least 15 (sometimes more)
-knows about 15 songs by memory and requests us to sing them
-take over 2 hour naps
-uses a spoon, fork, and big boy cup
-is typically a good eater
-weighs about 30 pounds
-knows all colors, shapes, animals
-beginning to go to the potty

We are enjoying our time together.  We have already had many play dates and look forward to many more!!

Pictures coming soon!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bluebonnets and Easter

Friday morning we went to a field by Caleb's school to take bluebonnet pictures.  It was the perfect day to be outside.  Caleb cooperated as well, which is a bonus!

On Saturday we went with Sandy and her family to their church for an Easter egg hunt.  It started with a puppet show for the kids and then off to hunt the eggs.  It was very organized and separated by age groups.  Caleb knew exactly what to do, and of course it made it that much better that he could hunt with his best friend, Austin.

After the hunt at church, we went to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny.

On Sunday we woke up, and Caleb checked out what the Easter Bunny had brought him.  After our family Easter we headed to my cousin Amy's house.  We had another Easter egg hunt followed by a wonderful lunch.  I love my family.  Caleb is such a lucky little boy.
 Lilly was right in the middle of the action :)
The Easter Bunny hid the eggs inside because of the rain

What a wonderful weekend for the Kleins!!

First ER Trip

Two weeks ago my fourth grade students took their first round of the new state test, the STAAR test.  They take the Writing first, in which they test for 2 days.  Day 1 went pretty well, but day 2 was much different.  The test is timed this year, and we started promptly at 8:15.  At 9:15 our principal came over the loud speaker and said the we had to go to code yellow.  That means lock doors, don't open for anyone, and continue teaching.  Well you can imagine how that frazzled my kiddos, but they did keep working.  Apparently there was something going on at the local high school, which is not far from us, so we were just taking a precaution.  Right after the code yellow call came in, Caleb's daycare called and said that he had fallen and would need to be taken to get stitches.  Needless to say, I was not aware of this.  I was not told until after the code yellow was over, and we were back in code green, but I won't get into how I feel about that.  I rush out of my class, they are still testing, and leave to go get Caleb. 

Once I get to his school, I walk into see that he is doing very well.  They had stopped the bleeding and said that he was a champ.  He was in a rolly chair of all things pushing himself around.  Somehow he got caught up and fell out of the chair and fell into the corner of a cabinet.  It sliced the top of his ear pretty good.

I took him to Children's Medical in Dallas because he needed to be seen by a blood disorder doctor first. His blood does not clot like it is supposed to. His doctor said it would be best to take him down to the ER for stitches.  This was scary because that would mean he would need a medicine to make sure his blood would clot, and he has not had to take this yet.  Anyways, after being checked out by the ER doc, it was determined that glue would work.  And it did.  His ear has healed very nicely, and we are very thankful for that.

 This was after four people had to wrap him in a sheet so that the doctor and intern could clean and glue his ear.  He was screaming bloody murder.  This was incredibly hard to stand.

After his ear had been glued, and it was drying

Letting the glue do it's magic

We were there for over three hours.  It was quite difficult trying to keep him entertained in that ER room.  We were not in the waiting room.  To top it all off, they wouldn't let me give in snacks for the first hour in case they had to put him under.  Once it was decided that he would not need stitches I let him munch on anything and everything I had to keep him happy!!

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

For all you moms that live near the Carrollton area the Sandy Lake Amusement Park it worth a visit.  It costs $2 per person to get in (kids under 3 free), each ticket is $.50 each, and each ride averages about 2-4 tickets.  We came with about $20 and had 2 hours of fun!  Caleb was able to ride several rides.  His favorite was, of course, the pony rides.  I think he could have spent all day riding those ponies.  Again a peek into my future, we will have to live on a farm. 

Just a bit of a warning.....don't let your not even 2 year old ride the one that goes up and down in the air.  Oh my, mother's worst nightmare.  Let's just say I could barely bare to watch that one, and we will not being doing that ride in the near future.  See video below.

Here are a couple pictures of our day.....

 Beep Beep....get out of my way

 This is one of my favorite pictures

 Of course he put his hand in the water one he discovered it

 Saddle up

Love this :)