Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Weekend with the Cousins and Trip to the Dallas Zoo

We are so blessed to have great family.  We are always having company come visit us, which we love.  Last weekend we had a full house and same this weekend!!  Alyssa and her husband, Ben, came to visit.  They brought along our nephews, Caiden and Zane, and niece, Ayla.  We had a blast together.  Watching Caleb with Zane play together makes me realize that Caleb needs a sibling:) Now I have to convince Alex of that. They are so darn cute  playing together.  Caleb is really missing them now and that just breaks my heart.  A big part of why we have to get home to Austin eventually...see end of post for update on that process.

Saturday morning we woke up and were at the Dallas Zoo by 10:30.  This was Caleb's first trip to the zoo and he LOVED every minute of it, despite the chilly weather.  I think my son will be a future vet or hairdresser but that is a whole other post:)  Here are some pictures of our first zoo trip with Caleb.

I left the zoo a little before everyone else because I was helping host a baby shower for a friend of mine who will be welcoming her first baby into the world in just a couple weeks.

I have another very very dear friend of mine, Stacy, who will be welcoming her second and third babies in a few short weeks as well.  No, that is not a typo.  Stacy is having twin boys.  Her twins will make three for their family.  Sweet baby Jack just recently turned 2.  I sure wish I could quit my job and be around more to help her out.  I can't wait to meet those precious babies.  They are already so loved by so many people...including me!!

House update:
We have now listed for sale by owner in hopes that our price drop will bring in more traffic.  After being listed again for about 1 week we got an offer.  It was just what we were asking for, but they wanted a lot for their closing costs.  Alex, who could get a second career in real estate, negotiated a higher sale price, and we would still cover what they were asking in closing costs.  Both sides were in agreement, or so we thought.  The buyers got cold feet and backed out:(  Talk about a HUGE let down.  That is the part that really sucks about selling a house.  In my mind I was packed and ready to move.  Let's just hope that this offer was a sign of another to come, and it will all work out in the end.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Today, is Alex's birthday.  It was so nice that it happened to fall on a Sunday so our family could spend the day together.  It was a nice relaxing day that started with sleeping in (even Caleb), opening presents, lunch at Cheesecake Factory, exchanging presents (apparently Alex wear size 12 not 11 in dress shoes), nap, helping a friend unload a trailer, and lots of playtime.  All in all I would say that Alex's birthday was a success. 

Alex is a wonderful husband and even better father.  He deserves only the best.  I am the luckiest woman in the world and Alex often reminds me of that:)  No, seriously I often think "How did I get this lucky?"  I can't answer that.  All I know is that I am. 
Happy Birthday Alex.  We love you!

Caleb helping Daddy

Birthday Kisses!!

To top off the perfect weekend...I am off tomorrow! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Playing Hookie

This weekend was a busy one.  Friday night I got to go out for a much needed girls night.  We had a great time eating good Mexican food, drinking great drinks, and having wonderful conversation.  I got home from dinner and my dad and Sharon were here.  Saturday we went to Sharon's son, Billy's place in Dallas.  We spent the day there and that night Alex and I had a work thing to go to with his office.  We came home and spent the rest of the evening playing games with my dad, Sharon, Billy, and his girlfriend. 

Sunday, Caleb ran a low fever of 99-100 all day. I think he was warn down from a busy weekend. I decided that I should probably take off today in case the fever turned into something worse. I knew it probably wouldn't, but wanted to play it safe.  His fever was gone by this morning, so Caleb and I got a day to play hookie together.  It has been raining all day today so outside activities were out of the question.  We laid in bed and watched cartoons until about 10am, ran a couple of errands, and had a dance party.

Does this boy look sick to you?

Caleb learned how to turn the stereo on. He likes to listen to it LOUD!!  He also decided that it was no fun dancing by yourself, so he tried to get Rider to dance with him.  Let's just say Rider did not want to dance, but he was so sweet to let Caleb roll all over him:)

Happy Monday!!