Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's a ..........

One weekend the weather was perfect, and we decided to take off to a local pumpkin patch.  Of course all the pictures were on my camera which I can't seem to find the cord to (thanks to moving 2 times in the past 6 months).  Hopefully I will get them off soon because we got some great ones.  Here are just a couple I managed off my phone.

Our Sweet Family

Kiki with her girls and her grandsons

Halloween this year was a blast.  We were able to go to my Dad's neighborhood, which was the perfect trick or treat neighborhood.  My sister in law, her kids, and a friend of mine from work were all there.  After about 10 houses Caleb was done, but he had a blast with his cousins and new friend, Brynn. 

Two handsome pirates

Caleb's attempt at a mean pirate face:)
My sweet nephew, Holden is growing so fast.  He is smiling, laughing, grabbing onto things, and really noticing people and his world around him.  Caleb is so good with him.  Watching Caleb with Holden makes me smile because I know he is going to be one hell of a big brother to our new baby.
Look at that smile
And now for some BIG news.  We went for a sonogram Monday and found out that we are having a baby.......

We are beyond excited.  She is healthy and looks great.  We will have the best of both worlds. As much as I think Caleb understands what is going on, he is excited as well.  He talks to his baby sister every night and says "baby sister it's me, I love you."