Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rodeo Austin

Well you just about have to be a millionaire to take 4 kids and 2 adults to the rodeo these days.  Good thing they did have some free stuff to do and look at.  I can't believe we paid $5 each for a short little pony ride for the little boys and $8 each for the older ones to walk on water in a hamster ball for 3 minutes....oh well great memories were made.


Showering Baby??????

My sister and 3 sister in laws threw me a little "sprinkle" to welcome our sweet baby girl into the family.  It was such a nice party.  Our newest arrival, to be here in just 2 short weeks, is already so very loved. 

Look at all the PINK!!

Ayla couldn't wait for me to see all the cute clothes she got her new cousin
I love my sister!! 

 Aunt Alyssa
Proud Big Brother
And just in case you didn't catch it, we are naming our baby girl AUBREE ANNE KLEIN:))))))

It's so good to be home.....

Family and Friends


Visiting the Sagemans

Now that we are living back in Austin, traveling to Houston is a much better trip.  We can get to the Sageman house in 2 hours versus over 4.  This is very nice considering the Sageman's are our very dearest friends, not to mention the parents to our precious Goddaughter, Natalie.  Caleb and Natalie are only a couple months apart and play so well together.  We always make wonderful memories when our two families meet up. 

Cheers to the new year

Fireworks with Daddy
A rainy day obstacle course inside

Boys and Ranches

Caleb is such a boy.  He loves all things boy, so when we went to a family ranch, you can bet he had the time of his life. 

Dogs and baseball, 2 of Caleb's favorite things
Papa taking Caleb for a ride to tour the ranch

What boy wouldn't love to jump on hay bales??
Ready to drive!

Christmas 2012

Coming from 2 big blended families we always have several Christmas celebrations.  It was no different this year.  Here is how our Christmas season went:

December 8th - Baby shower to celebrate baby Kylie Baden
December 15th - Henninger Christmas at Aunt Sue's house
December 22nd - Christmas with Uncle Billy and Aunt Camille
December 23rd - Jones Christmas at Aunt Connie's house
December 24th - Klein Christmas at Grandma's house
December 25th - Christmas Day at Papa's

See what I mean...and yes, Caleb was spoiled at each and every one of these events. 

For Christmas Alex and I got a nice new Cannon camera.  Here are some pictures from Christmas Day.

 Sweet Baby Holden's frist Christmas
 Cousin Love
He couldn't open them fast enough!