Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That

Caleb recovered from his terrible rash with no problems. Thank God.  That was the scariest thing we have had to deal with so far.  I am sure there will be many more times where I am hurting for my little boy, but I am glad the rash scare is over with.  We are still not quite sure what the cause was, which is pretty scary.  All I do know is that we will be staying away from any and all kinds of blueberry bars. 

Alex has been giving Caleb haircuts ever since he has needed one.  This seems like from the instant he was born:)  He takes after his mother with hair.  If you know Alex you know what I mean:)  Well, this weekend we decided that it was time to let the professionals handle it.  We took him to Cool Cuts, a haircut place designed just for kids.  I couldn't believe that a child's haircut would cost $18!!  That is more than I spend on my hair.  I am a Super Cuts kind of girl.  I really did like the woman who cut his hair, and it did turn out good.  This does not mean that I will continue to take him there, but it was a good thing to say we have done. 

He is so darn handsome!!

Caleb loves to get adjusted by his dad.  He gets so excited when Alex goes to get out his adjusting table.  Yes we have a portable adjusting table at home.  One of the perks of being married to a chiropractor, I can get adjusted anytime I need it.  Here is a video of Caleb getting adjusted.  He LOVES it and is such a good patient.
Pay attention to the sounds he makes.

This year our lovely state of Texas has changed the state assessment.  It has gone from TAKS to STAAR.  AHHHH.  The STAAR test is supposed to be much harder, and for my students it will be a big challenge.  I am not enjoying this part of teaching 4th grade.  Needless to say had to go up to school to do some planning.  This is what I came home to...

He was so tired he fell asleep in his wagon!

Look at his outfit....his pj's and cowboy boots, such a boy!

Next week, I get to find out if I am going to have a niece or nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited to find out, can you tell.  Congratulations Casey and Brian.

And while we are on congratulations, my very dear friend, Stacy, gave birth to her twin boys.  Welcome to the world Colt and Luke Doak!!!  You are already so loved by so many people.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chicken pox, measles, allergic reaction????

Thursday, when I picked Caleb up from daycare, his teacher showed me some small red pumps on his back, legs, and tummy.  She said that there were very few that morning, but it got worse as the day went on.  Alex and I saw nothing while getting him dressed for school early that morning.

They said he must been seen by a doctor before returning, which I am fine with.  I am not one of those mothers who wants to send my sick child to school.  Well, that night the rash got worse. 

By Friday morning he was covered, and I mean covered with these raised, red bumps.  At first we were sure he had chicken pox, but as Friday went on and the rash was getting even worse, I began to think it might be the measles.  What...measles. 

Needless to say, I was feeling awful at this point, and you can imagine how my poor baby was feeling (see pictures below). I called the doctor before our appointment to warn them that I thought measles was a possibility, and they had us come in when no one was in the office. 

Well, the diagnosis allergic reaction.  Yes, this was caused by allergic reaction to something he ate.  I am not quite sure yet what that could have been, but I am thoroughly looking into it.  Possibly a blueberry nutrigrain bar.  Which is odd because he has eaten blueberries and other flavored nutrigrain bars before.

WARNING...the rash is terrible, worse then terrible.  It started out as small red bumps and has progressed very rapidly to large reddish purple patches.  They look like those scary pictures you seen on the internet while doing a google search.  Those awful pictures you cringe at when you see them and my sweet baby boy is covered.

  Friday morning
Friday morning
Early Friday afternoon
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Early Saturday evening

My poor, poor baby.  As you can imagine, he has been pretty miserable.  It is definitely bothering him in every way.  Most of all when he is trying to sleep.  We have not done much of that. 

I wish this was me and not him.  It is such an awful feeling to see your child so uncomfortable and not be able to do much about it.  He can take benadryl and claritin and that is about all we can do. 

I am in so much pain seeing him like this.  I can't imagine how he is feeling.  Not to mention, he really can't tell me.  It is just heartbreaking every time I look at him or hold him to soothe him.

Let's hope there is an end to this very soon!