Sunday, March 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

Coming from 2 big blended families we always have several Christmas celebrations.  It was no different this year.  Here is how our Christmas season went:

December 8th - Baby shower to celebrate baby Kylie Baden
December 15th - Henninger Christmas at Aunt Sue's house
December 22nd - Christmas with Uncle Billy and Aunt Camille
December 23rd - Jones Christmas at Aunt Connie's house
December 24th - Klein Christmas at Grandma's house
December 25th - Christmas Day at Papa's

See what I mean...and yes, Caleb was spoiled at each and every one of these events. 

For Christmas Alex and I got a nice new Cannon camera.  Here are some pictures from Christmas Day.

 Sweet Baby Holden's frist Christmas
 Cousin Love
He couldn't open them fast enough!

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